Umbrella Company Compliance

Here at Clarity, umbrella company compliance is one of the things at the top of our list!

As the business was founded in 2019; we are in talks with FCSA to gain their accreditation, however we need to be able to provide a specified number of contractors, sufficient evidence and documentation to adhere to their code of conduct. So please do bear with us, we are keen to show our compliance to HMRC guidelines via the FCSA audit and are working towards this as soon as feasibly possible.

Lucy, our MD, has close working relations with Julia Kermode, CEO, at the FCSA for many years now, and Julia has been happy to provide confirmation in writing of our intentions, confirming there should be no reason why we should not be able to progress and proceed with full accreditation very shortly once our contractor numbers reach the required level.

So please do watch this space, and if you would like a copy of the confirmation from Julia, please do not hesitate to contact us for this by dropping us an email at Julia is more than happy to speak with any recruitment firms for further verification, please click here for contact details.

In the meantime, Clarity Umbrella is built on reputation and the team have successfully run and managed one of the longest standing umbrella companies in the UK prior to Clarity, confirming their drive to ensure umbrella company compliance.

For confirmation on how Clarity operates and adheres to current legislation, please click here.