Minimum umbrella requirements to work through Clarity

So we regularly get asked to work with contractors, and unfortunately from time to time we have to say no! Not something we like to do, but let’s explain why… To work via an umbrella company there are certain minimum requirements that you and your contract must fulfill.

Minimum Hourly Rate

In order to work via our umbrella company, Clarity Umbrella, you must be earning over £13.20 per hour; this is referred to as your contract rate and is not your taxable salary. We make certain deductions from the contract rate and we therefore must ensure you do not have any pay processed under National Living Wage. To find out more on how we calculate you take home, click here.

Minimum Assignment Period

To comply with employment legislation and the employment contract that you will be employed under, there must be a minimum of at least 1 week on assignment for you to register with Clarity Umbrella. We are also required to ensure that you have at least one day a week of work on assignment over the period whilst on assignment with us.

Right to Work Checks

To comply with Home Office guidance covered in the Right to Work checks, we must have proof of your right to work in the UK, this will be covered as part of your induction and will require a full check to be completed. Please note no payments can be made to you, even upon receipt of funds from the agency or end client, until we have cleared your right to work check. Delays in taking this check may delay payment to you.

Documentation Required

In order to process any payment to you, we will need either a P45 from your last employment, or we will require that you complete a starter checklist form for us. This will enable us to enter you onto the payroll system ready for us to star making payments.

Visa Requirements

Unfortunately, visa’s can only be sponsored by the company for whom you will actually be performing the work; as an umbrella company is an intermediary, they are not permitted to sponsor visas and therefore we are sorry but we will not be able to assist people in this situation.