Charitable Giving or GAYE

As an employee of Clarity Umbrella, we can offer you the opportunity to make regular charitable donations to a charity of your choice from your gross pay via salary sacrifice which gives you tax relief on the donation amount. This is done via a scheme called GAYE (Give As You Earn) or Payroll Giving.

We will administer your donations as part of our payroll process and update our chosen partner, Charitable Giving as we deduct and reconcile amounts for donations from the payroll.


In order to register for GAYE, we will need you to complete and return the Employee Sign Up Form (downloadable here), this will need to be returned to both the email address on the base of the form and to in order for us to make the correct deductions.

Please note there is a standard administration charge for processing GAYE deductions made by Charitable Giving. This is charged at 4% of each donation, per donation. This percentage will be taken from your donation value to cover these adminstration costs up to a maximum of £10 by Charitable Giving.

Should you require any further information then please click here to visit the Charitable Giving website.

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