Key Document Information for Agency Workers

In April 2020, we see some changes coming to the Conduct Regs entitled … In order for recruitment agencies to comply with Reg 13A of the Conduct of Employment Agencies & Employment Businesses Regulations 2013, they will now have a requirement to provide key document information to the agency workers before agreeing terms.

All workers classed as “employees” will be entitled to a written statement and a key information document. This is aimed at improving transparency of information around pay, giving the worker a clear idea of how any fees and deductions will affect their pay.

The key information document will provide a brief overview of how their prospective terms of engagement affect their pay over the course of their assignment with all non statutory deductions (eg the umbrella company margin) being explained in detail. Statutory deductions such as Income Tax need not be explained.

Clarity over the minimum pay that can be expected, this must also be included within the document. Should the key information change at any point during the assignment, then the document must be reissued. This may include things like student loans and changes once right to equal treatment under AWR 2010 takes effect.

For more information on the agency obligations, please click to download the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy.

Clarity Umbrella will provide our agencies with a copy of our Key Information Document for use with their contractors, to request the document, please complete the form below. If any other information is required we will be more than happy to issue this upon request.

Key Information Document Request Form