Umbrella Take Home Pay Calculator

Our Umbrella Take Home Pay Calculator is aimed to give you a comprehensive breakdown of your take home pay. We will be honest, open and transparent… So everything you see in the breakdown is as you would expect to see on your payslip.

* Please be aware that we do have to make certain assumptions when calculating your take home. Should any of these elements change then your take home figure will be affected. The calculator assumes a standard tax code for the year, for 2021/22. The standard tax code is 1257L. It also works out the figure based on a Week 1 or Month 1 tax code. This means that we only take into account one tax-free period for your umbrella calculation; upon receipt of your P45 should this differ then the correct code will be applied to the payroll. It is worth noting that we do not make any allowance for expenses, or pension deductions. We do not include any student loan deductions or childcare vouchers, and no GAYE deductions. However, if you feel that you need a more accurate calculation, then please do get in touch. We can then produce an illustration for you detailing all you need to know by completing the form below.

If you would like to understand more about the PAYE tax system, then please complete the form below and we will talk things through with you. We can look at the impact of a tax code on your take home. How tax free periods work and what to do if you think there is something wrong with your tax codes…