Register with Clarity Umbrella today!

So you have been asked to register with an umbrella company in order to process your pay during your next assignment? Well we would love to have you onboard with Clarity, so to get you moving and ready for your next assignment we simply need you to complete our registration form below to register with Clarity Umbrella Ltd and then we can take care of the rest for you…

Registration Form

So what happens now?

Once you have completed the registration form, we will look to get your employment file set up within a few hours. You will shortly receive a welcome email which will detail the next steps in order to ensure you are up an running properly. If you haven’t yet done so, we will need a copy of your P45. If you do not have a P45 then you will have to complete and sign a starter checklist for us so that we can allocate a tax code based on your circumstances. We will also need to perform a Right to Work check in the form of ID verification in line with Home Office Guidance.

Once you’re set up is complete, the only thing we will ask of you is that you complete your timesheet online with us each week or each month, so that we can arrange for the assignment to be invoiced. Any delays to submitting a timesheet may delay in the invoicing and subsequently the payment being processed to you.

Access to our online portal can be found from the menu bar at the top of the home page.