Umbrella Right to Work Checks

As employers, umbrella companies have a responsibility to ensure that their employees are legally entitled to work in the UK and, in so doing, should provide assurances to their recruiter partners. Right to Work checks must be completed with every new starter. Please be aware that the Contract of Employment will not be countersigned until the Verification of Identity and Right to Work Check has been satisfactorily completed and therefore you will not become an employee of Clarity Umbrella until the ID check and Right to Work is completed. No invoices or payments will be issued until the ID check is complete.

The Next Steps

We will need to see your identity documents in order for us to be able to verify your Right to Work in the UK, we would ask that you send your Passport through to us, this will need to be dated and signed on the day that the check was completed. We must ensure that we have a clear colour copy of your ID for our records. If you do not have a passport available, then please click here to find out what ID can be accepted under Home Office Guidance.

If you are choosing to send us a passport for ID purposes then we will keep copies of pages with the document expiry date, the holder’s nationality, date of birth, signature, leave expiry date, biometric details, photograph and any page containing information indicating the holder has an entitlement to enter or remain in the UK (visa or entry stamp) and undertake the work in question.

Once we have your ID, we will then need to conduct a quick video call chat to confirm you are who you say you are and that you are in fact the same person as per the photograph on the documentation provided.

Please note that this check carries an administration charge taken as part of the employment costs, of £3.60, which will be detailed on your first payslip.

Do you have a Biometric Residence Permits or Card?

If you hold either a biometric residence permit or a biometric residence card, then we will require that you provide us with this document along with the government share code. We can then see whether you are subject to any restrictions. If you do not have your share code to hand, please confirm this here.

With all other documents, we require the document in full, including both sides of a Biometric Residence Permit, Application Registration Card and a Residence Card (biometric format).

To request the share code, please visit

The share code will be valid for 90 days from the point it has been issued and can be used as many times as needed within that time.

Share codes can only be used for the purpose they were originally selected for. Since 10 January 2022, all share codes begin with a letter denoting the purpose the share code can be used for. Where a share code begins with the letter ‘W’, this will indicate that the share code has been generated by a prospective or existing employee to evidence their right to work. Employers will not be able to accept or use share codes which begin with the letter ‘R’ or ‘S’ as these are designed for other services.

If a share code has expired, or the individual has used a code generated by another service, you must ask them to resend you a new right to work share code.

All copies of documents taken will be kept securely for the duration of the worker’s employment and for two years after which it will be securely destroyed.